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For Recording


Call: (804) 868-8061

For Events

Email: bookingsomRVA@gmail.com


Offering a wide array of analog and digital equipment...

We offer a unique combination of analog and digital equipment to give your music the exact sound and feel you want.  We proudly employ Richmond's best engineers who have the experience and expertise to bring your next project to life.


Avalon 747 tube compressor and equalizer
Apogee Converters
Focal Alpha 60 monitors
Soundblade HD mastering software

Pro Tools 12 HD

Adam A7X Monitors

Auratone Monitors

Avid Converters

Empirical Labs Distressors

Space Station Delay

AKG Reverb Tank

API Lunchboxes

Neve Preamps

Fairchild Preamp

TLA 100-A Leveling Amplifier

Chameleon Labs COS-1

Eventide Omnipressor

Urei LA-5 Audio Leveler

Chameleon Labs 7602

Effectron II Delay

Eventide Harmonizer

Furman Monitoring System

Fostex MN-50 Compressors

Avalon Direct Box

Aphex Dominator

Amek Angela Console

Midas Venice Console

Otari 24-Track Tape Machine

Ampex 2-Track Tape Machine

Meeker Trem Units