Here's what clients are saying...


"We had a wonderful time recording at Sound of Music.  We will definitely be spreading the word to all of our musician friends!"

The Burnsides


"If you're gonna travel 4,000 miles to make a record, like I just did, there's nowhere you'd rather land. Amazing space, great people, incredible deftness of on-the-fly mixing and editing and a real 'added value' approach to engineering in terms of ideas being floated and them usually being perfect. Could not have asked for a more fun, productive session."

One Eleven Heavy

Nick Mitchell Maiato


"Sound Of Music has been our 'go to' studio since 1989.  We liked John Morand so much that we made him our drummer years ago!  We just finished our 8th Silent Boys album here in 2020."

The Silent Boys



"Just recorded my first song here the other day and can honestly say it is one of the best experiences I've ever had in a studio. Daniel Deckelman was an awesome engineer and so quick at getting the final mix back to me. I would highly recommend to any and everyone!"


Katie Cappuccio