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Past & Present Clients of Our Recording Studio

Cracker-Eliza Frances-Lamb of God-The Silent Boys-Celebration Men's Chorus-Amanda Shires-Bart Chucker Band-Hanson-One Eleven Heavy-Stephen Jaques-Carbon Leaf-Camper Van Beethoven-Rising Revolution-Priests of Prometheus-Kirsten Hazler-GWAR-Rob Williams-Danielle Remigio-Exit the Beast-The Grain Hoppers-Lucky Stiffs-Heavy Metal Lefty-Royal Trux-The Lonely Teardrops-Big G-Hank Selby-Artis-The Deprogrammers-Hex Machine-Wade Reynolds-David Atkins-DeAngelo-Susan Greenbaum-Rockford Road-Venus Throw-David Doyle & Many More!

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